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If a child requires medication but is well enough to attend school, parents/carers should bring the medicine in its original container, clearly labelled with the child’s name and class to the school office. Medicines which are to be given three times per day need not be brought to school since they may be administered before school, after school and before bedtime. Medicines to be given four times per day may be brought to school for a midday dose to be administered. A permission form to allow us to administer the medicine can be downloaded from this website (under parental forms) or filled in at the school office. Asthma medication should be carried by children if appropriate to their age or given to the teacher for safe, accessible storage. The Headteacher and class teacher should always be informed in writing when a child has asthma and/or needs to have an inhaler in school to enable an appropriate level of care.

More information can be found in our Medical Conditions in School Policy, under ‘Policies’.