What are Restorative Approaches?

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Restorative Approaches is a term used to describe a way of being, an underpinning ethos, which enables us to build and maintain healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and repair harm when relationships breakdown.

Restorative approaches can be seen as part of a broader ethos or culture that identifies strong, mutually respectful relationships and a cohesive community and the foundations on which good teaching and learning can flourish. Restorative Approaches provide the foundation to build, maintain and repair relationships positively with the whole school community.

Our staff team have regular training in the values of Restorative Approaches and how to use Restorative Meetings to support children with conflicts. Our Year 6 children have the opportunity to apply to become Restorative Buddies and receive training to enable them to work closely with staff to ensure that play times are happy and incident free.

When holding restorative meetings we use the following questions to support the process:

1. What happened?

2. What were you thinking when it happened?

3. What did you feel inside when it happened?

4. How are you now?

5. Who else has been affected?

6. What do you need to do to feel better?

7. What needs to happen to put things right?

To find out more about Restorative Approaches please go to www.restorativestockport.co.uk